die blaue nixe

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verschiedene annäherungen an den ton ges
7:18 (3,3mb)

    #1 blaue nixe (teil 1)
    (ullmann/dahlgren/lande) 3:32

    #2 blaue nixe (teil 2)
    (ullmann/dahlgren/lande) 3:31

    #3 verschiedene annaeherungen
    an den ton ges (ullmann) 7:16

    #4 spieldosen
    (ullmann/dahlgren/lande) 2:17

    #5 winter thoughts (lande) 3:59

    #6 baba (dahlgren) 4:43

    #7 blaue nixe (teil 3)
    (ullmann/dahlgren/lande) 2:42

    #8 blaue nixe (teil 4)
    (ullmann/dahlgren/lande) 3:30

    #9 the sun seemed never again
    as yellow (dahlgren) 3:34

    #10 blaue nixe (teil 5)
    (ullmann/dahlgren/lande) 2:56

    #11 blaue nixe (teil 6)
    (ullmann/dahlgren/lande) 3:30

    #12 blaue nixe (teil 7)
    (ullmann/dahlgren/lande) 1:20

    #13 das tiefe a (ullmann) 3:05

    #14 flutist with hat and shoe
    (ullmann) 5:15

    #15 from what i remember
    (lande) 6:55

" this is improvised music of the most engaging sort: spare, ethereal sounds that seem as if they've existed forever, lurking in the shadows, waiting for ullmann and company to give them voice.die blaue nixe, along with the simutaneously released 'live in munster' (not two, 2007), are part of a year-long launching of ullmann's fiftieth birthday.
i haven't heard the latter, but the former is an understated, beguiling beginning of the celebration: gorgeously haunting music, like the songs of serene, beatific ghosts. "
(dan mcclenaghan, allaboutjazz 1/'07)

" these fifteen pieces beg, no, demand your attention, as they all are paced at a snail's locomotion. this fascinating concept for improvisation allows for valuable space and makes for wonderful sound. dahlgren's acoustic bass comes across with all the tactile feel of his wood and strings. likewise, the beauty that is ullmann's bass clarinet and the hesitant touch of lande's piano also conveys an all-too-human feel. it may be rare these days, but this recording requires you to adjust the pace of your day to accompany the music." (mark carroto, allabout jazz 2/'07)

" ullmann, lande and dahlgren rehearsed to forget and then played timeless music which allows you to forget yourself and just be, for an hour.
lower the lights, put 'die blaue nixe' in your player, and allow this exquisitely recorded music of no-shape and no-mind to engulf you. (budd kopman, allabout jazz 3/'07)

recorded december 10/11, 2003 and september 6, 2004 at rbb studios, berlin
engineer: willi leopold
recording supervisor: wolfgang hoff
mastering by jens tröndle
digital cut: ricarda molder
produced by gebhard ullmann, chris dahlgren and ulf drechsel for rbb (rundfunk berlin-brandenburg) and between the lines

gebhard ullmann (bassclarinet, soprano & tenorsaxophones, ocarinas, toys)
chris dahlgren (double bass & preparations, toys)
art lande (piano, toys)

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