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berlin is full of lonely people
(part 1)
(ullmann / dahlgren / thomas)

    #1 transatlantic (part one) 8:28

    #2 the thing 4:10

    #3 the no piece 4:52

    #4 the epic 11:42

    #5 transatlantic (part two) 4:45

    #6 ornette's closet 2:38

    #7 berlin is full of lonely people (part one) 3:53

    #8 berlin is full of lonely peole (part two) 2:30

    #9 transatlantic (part three) 19:43

    all music and concepts by gebhard ullmann
    chris dahlgren and clayton thomas

" To call this the best jazz album of the year so far invites all kinds of arguments – after all, can a recording this opaque, rhythmically inchoate and impossibly esoteric be much more than a curio? Absolutely! Whether you consider this free jazz, ambient music or indie classical, it’s a rich, murky masterpiece."
(lucidculture 2/'12)

" transatlantic is an album on which every track is almost perfect."
(allaboutjazz 3/'12)

" gebhard ullmann is one of the most prolific and creatively fertile composer-improvisers working on either side of the atlantic and this cd is one of his most original works."
(bruce gallanter, downtown music gallery, nyc 3/'12)

" the choc. " (jazz magazine france 5/'12)

recorded at rbb studios august 14, 2009
mixed december 1, 2009
engineer: nikolaus löwe
digital cut: anja bause
recording supervisor: wolfgang hoff
ricarda molder
producer for the rbb: ulf drechsel
band photo: dietmar liste
cover design: clare m. cooper

produced by gebhard ullmann, chris dahlgren, clayton thomas and leo feigin

gebhard ullmann (bassclainet and bassflute)
chris dahlgren (double bass and objects)
clayton thomas (double bass and objects)

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