New piano and chamber music recordings 2024

Announcement / March 23, 2024

I wrote about 61 minutes of music for piano solo entitled 'Impromptus und Interationen'

12 Imprompus and 4 Interationen for prepared piano.

Impromptus und Interationen (Universal Edition)
Impromptus und Interationen (Soundcloud)

The complete work was recorded by Vitalii Kyianytsia on march 28, 2023.
It will be released in 2024 on the Kairos label in Vienna.
The score can be bought through my Universal Edition site (link above).

My 29-minute chamber music composition 'Kleine Symphonie für Kammerensemble' - premiered in 2022 and revised in 2023 - has been recorded by the ensemble Lux:NM in september 2023 with myself playing the bass clarinet part.

Kleine Symphonie für Kammerensemble (Universal Edition)
Kleine Symphonie für Kammerensemble (Soundcloud)

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