Woodwinds and Violin Solo

Announcement / November 05, 2023

Here are some of my compositions for woodwinds solo (Clarinet, Bassclarinet, Bassoon, Oboe)
You will find more on my Universal Edition Site.
You may contact me at any time about any versions you may be interested in.

Also below is the link to 'Hemisphere 3' - an 11-minute composition for violin solo to be premiered by Antje Messerschmidt in 2024.

Gospel (for oboe solo) will be premiered on this year's UNICUM Festival in Ljubljana.

Für Klarinette Alleine (clarinet solo): Für Klarinette Alleine
Gospel (oboe solo): Gospel
Für Bassklarinette Alleine (3 movements / 11 minutes): Für Bassklarinette Alleine (1 - 3)
Gospel (bassoon solo): Gospel

Hemisphere 3 (violin solo): Hemisphere 3

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