Gebhard Ullmann bass flute, bass clarinet; Chris Dahlgren double bass, objects; Hélène Labarriere OR Antonio Borghini OR Clayton Thomas double bass and objects


Transatlantic (Leo Records, 2012)

BassX3 (Drimala Records, 2005)


BassX3 is a worldwide unique trio located on the lower end of the tonal range of improvised chamber music. All acoustic the trio sounds like an orchestra, like an electro-acoustic ensemble or performs intimate chamber-music in the next moment. All three members are well known improvisers and composers. Their first CD entitled BassX3 was released 2005 on Drimala Records in the U.S. The second CD Transatlantic has been released on Leo Records in 2012 and received the Choc in France and raving reviews all over the world. 2017 the Trio performed for the first time with French bassist Hélène Labarriere.

Here is what some journalists said:

'To call this the best jazz album of the year so far invites all kinds arguments, after all, can a recording this opaque, rhythmically inchoate and impossibly esoteric be much more than a curio? Absolutely! Whether you consider this free jazz, ambient music or indie classical, it’s a rich, murky masterpiece.' (lucidculture                                   

'Transatlantic is an album on which every track is almost perfect.' (Allaboutjazz 3/'12

'Hypnotisch und nicht von dieser Welt.' (Rolf Thomas in der 'Jazzthetik')

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