Gebhard Ullmann (ss, ts, bcl, bfl, looper, fx) Liz Kosack (keys) Silke Lange (acc) Anna Viechtl (concert harp, fx) Taiko Saito (vib, perc, bass drum, sound objects)


Hemisphere 4 (JazzHausMusik 2023)


The Hemisphere project is my latest electro/acoustic working unit and creates what I call 'listening movies' - 'Hörfilme'.

While the first CD will be named 'Hemisphere 4' it comes in different sizes from duo to quintet.

With myself returning to soprano, flutes, tenor and electronics it is also truly intergenerational and combines new music, improvised compositions, composed music, improvised music plus a little bit of something else.

The line-up will be any combinations of Gebhard Ullmann (ss, ts, bfl, fx) Liz Kosack (keys) Silke Lange (acc) Anna Viechtl (concert harp, fx) and Taiko Saito (vib, percussion, bass drum, sound objects).

The first CD has been released in october 2023 on JazzHausMusik.


Ist es Jazz ? Ist es atonale Musik ? Allein die Besetzung trotzt jeder Kategorie ... Die Klänge haben oft sphärischen Charakter ... Die Musik klingt erstaunlich harmonsich ... Mit der Bassflöte zitiert Ullmann auf ' Impromtu #1 ' folkloristisch wirkende Melodien, ' Hörfilm mit Maschinen ' gerät zu einem bizarren Thriller ...'
Jazzthetik 12/'23

' Einmal mehr beeindruckt Gebhard Ullmann mit seinem unendlich scheinenden musikalischen Interessenshorizont und schafft es, die Spannung hoch zu halten. Und das gelingt ihm auf fantastisch Weise. '
Jazz Fun 10/'23

' Hemisphere 4 is, overall, an ambient album filled with expressive discourse and textural layers of sound. It manages to defy the unexpected in many ways, bringing the band-leader's enchanting and engrossing music to a somewhat more minimalistic musical form.
Performed across several parts, the music is beautifully connected, yet intelligently varied. Consistently brilliant, the often delicate nature of the music is interleaved with stunning ambient textures and some breathtaking soloing from Ullman.
It feels like a stream of consciousness finding its way from the music being performed into the listener's ears. It feels natural. It feels welcoming. And it is richly rewarding to my ears. '
Mike Gates UK Vibe 10/'23

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