Basement Research - 30th anniversary - last tour

Announcement / March 12, 2023

Basement Research's 30th anniversary European tour will be coming up in the fall of 2023.
For this final tour of the project I'll bring once again the original New Basement Research line-up.

The last and 8th CD 'Impromptus and Other Short Works' (WhyPlayJazz 2019) received worldwide about a dozen 5 star reviews. Here are two of them:

' Highlights abound, showing once more the depth and sophistication of Ullmann’s writing and playing and the outstanding soloing of Swell and Argüelles in the lower depths. There is great fun and there are many exciting moments; considering the variety of the pieces and their considerable complexity, the results are both exhausting and exhilarating.' (New York City Jazz Record)

' Whatever you’d call Mingus, you could call Ullmann as well. To me his pieces for this group take their cue from Blues & Roots and Oh Yeah! — the bands with three or four low or low-ish horns, no trumpet or other high-pitched instrument on top, the spontaneity of their interpretation and the occasional burst of collective polyphony ensured by Mingus’s method of teaching them the pieces by ear. I doubt that’s how Ullmann does it, but whatever his method he achieves a similar level of warmth, flexibility and sheer humanity. [...] If you don’t know Ullmann’s music, this album is a very welcoming place to start.' (Richard Williams - former artisitc director of the Berlin Jazzfest):


Impromptus and Other Short Works (WhyPlayJazz 2019) 

Hat And Shoes (Between The Lines 2015)

Don't Touch My Music Vol.1&2 (NotTwo 2009)

New Basement Research (Soul Note 2007)

Live In Münster (NotTwo 2006)

Kreuzberg Park East (Soul Note 1999)

Basement Research (Soul Note 1995)

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