The Clarinet Trio 'Transformations and Further Passages' reviews by Lynn Bayley and Kevin Whitehead

Announcement / August 12, 2022

The 6th CD of the Clarinet Trio was recorded in january 2021 - again at the historic RBB radio studios in Berlin.

'Transformations and Further Passages' is the title and it'll be released for the 25th anniversary of the trio and as part of my 65th birthday releases in 2022 on Leo Records.

Music by Albert Mangeldorff, Jutta Hipp, Joki Freund, Manfred Schoof, Karl Berger,
Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky, Joachim und Rolf Kühn.

The cover art is by Niklaus Troxler.

The liner notes are by Wolfram Knauer.

Kevin Whitehead said in Radio NPR:
'...catchy as those old tunes are, the main attraction here is the lovely sound of blended woodwinds, the pastel colours and animal yawps of Jürgen Kupke on clarinet, Michael Thieke usually on alto clarinet and Gebhard Ullmann on bass clarinet ...'

Here is a review by Lynn Bayley:

... Selten jedoch habe ich in letzter Zeit eine Aufnahme eines der beiden Genres, Klassik oder Jazz, gehört, die mir nicht nur so gut gefallen hat, sondern die mich von Anfang bis Ende fesselte... und wie gesagt, irgendwie fügt sich alles zu einer teils geschriebenen, teils spontanen modernen Komposition zusammen, die selbst der klügste und innovativste klassische Komponist nicht erreichen, geschweige denn übertreffen kann...

... Rarely, however, have I heard a recent recording of either genre, classical or jazz, which I’ve not only enjoyed this much but was thoroughly engrossed in from start to finish … and as I say, somehow or other it all comes together to produce a part written-part spontaneous modern composition that I defy even the cleverest and most cutting-edge classical composer to equal, let alone surpass.

Although I’ve heard and reviewed some very brilliant albums this year, I would place this near the very top of the list. Rest assured that I will be listening to this CD several more times before I pass on.

—© 2022 Lynn René Bayley, Artmusiclounge


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