Hemisphere 4 - first CD release in 2023

Announcement / August 01, 2023

The Hemisphere project is my latest electro/acoustic working unit and creates what I call 'listening movies' - 'Hörfilme'.

While the first CD will be named 'Hemisphere 4' it comes in different sizes from duo to quartet.

With myself returning to soprano, flutes, tenor and electronics it is also truly intergenerational and combines new music, improvised compositions, composed music, improvised music plus a little bit of something else.

The line-up will be any combinations of Gebhard Ullmann (ss, ts, bfl, fx) with Silke Lange (acc) Anna Viechtl (concert harp, fx) Liz Kosack (keys) Taiko Saito (vib, percussion, bass drum, sound objects).

The first CD release is scheduled for the fall of 2023 on JazzHausMusik.

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Gotenstrasse 3
D - 10829 Berlin