Jürgen Kupke clarinet; Michael Thieke alto clarinet, clarinet; Gebhard Ullmann bass clarinet


Live In Moscow (Leo Records, 2017)

4 (Leo Records, 2012)

Ballads And Related Objects (Leo Records, 2004)

Translucent Tones (Leo Records, 2002)

The Clarinet Trio. Oct.1, ’98 (LeoLab, 1999)


The British Avant Magazine described the Clarinet Trio like this: Oh boy, good news! Calling Michael Moore and Tony Coe, here is some stuff to listen to which will be healthy for your digestive systems! Two exclamation marks in as many sentences, I must be getting excited... what's it like? It goes something like this: imagine the Clusone Trio were all clarinets, Han Bennink did not play drums but blew bassclarinet instead. Imagine the great Tony Coe had finished hunting standards and was back in the business of experimentation for its own sake. Perhaps also conceive of an Art Ensemble of Chicago where Famoudou Don Moye had gone on holidays and there are only clarinets left in the arsenal. Or how about Steve Beresford cocktail club with clarinet accompaniment? Well, take all that lot together and it is somewhere near where the Clarinet Trio have pitched their reeds. In other words this is fun music with serious intentions. Music that moves between formal German classical song form, European Free music values, Blues and Gospel, New Composition and a little Tin Pan Alley...

The Clarinet Trio since two decades is considered one of the leading woodwind ensembles worldwide. The Trio released 5 very successful CDs on Leo Records and played more than 20 tours all over Western and Eastern Europe as well as the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Das Clarinet Trio spielt Musik für geschlossene Augen. Schon mit den ersten Tönen drängen sich Bilder in den Kopf. Das Trio erzeugt Musik von starker atmosphärischer Dichte. Wie aus dem Nichts dringen einzelne lang anhaltende Töne. Im Spiel mit der Lautstärke lässt sich Dramatik erahnen. Stille. Dann erneut Klänge, die sich die Stille ertasten, ihr aber auch Raum zur eigenen Entfaltung bieten. Die Musik kommt ideenreich komponiert und sensibel improvisiert daher. Sie kann auch growlen, laut malen und melodisch swingen. Sie braucht keine ‚special effects‘. Sie besticht durch Ideenreichtum und meisterliche Spieltechnik.

In 2018 the trio premiered the new program : German Jazz Compositions from the 1950s and 60s. Music by Albert Mangelsdorff, Karl Berger, Rolf and Joachim Kühn, E.L. Petrowsky, Jutta Hipp, Joki Freund, Manfred Schoof and others.
This one will be recorded in 2020.

New release / February 08, 2020

CD German Jazz Compositions

The Clarinet Trio will record the 6th CD in 2020.


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16.03.2020 20:30 The Clarinet Trio Berlin, D
ZigZag Jazzclub
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Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstrasse / Tag der Inklusion
14.05.2020 20:00 The Clarinet Trio Krems, A
Gasthazs Salzstadl That's Jazz
15.05.2020 20:00 The Clarinet Trio Taubenbach / Reut, D
Zoglau 3 Bayerischer Rundfunk Live Recording
27.08.2020 21:00 The Clarinet Trio Berlin, D
Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche In Spirit
06.10.2020 20:00 The Clarinet Trio Köln, D
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