Gebhard Ullmann (tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute, soprano sax,looper, sampler, electronics)


Gebhard Ullmann works and worked with other musicians and actors among them some of the most unique and influentual personalities on either side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Currently he is a member in the orchestras of Satoko Fujii and Hannes Zerbe and in the bands of Scott DuBois and Vesna Pisarovic. He also works on a regular basis with improvising artists from around the world and writes and produces music for and with projects of all sizes. His latest composition was a 12-minute work on the occasion of the 100th Bauhaus anniversary for orchestra and choir along with the original short movie 'Berliner Stilleben' from 1929 by László Moholy-Nagy.

Date Project Venue info
26.11.2020 19:00 with Hannes Zerbe Orchestra (cancelled - Corona lockdown) Berlin, D
15.12.2020 20:00 with Vesna Pisarovic - Steve Lacy Project Berlin, D
Institut Francais
16.01.2021 21:00 with Vesna Pisarovic Petit Standard Nürnberg, D
18.01.2021 20:00 with Vesna Pisarovic Petit Standard Cottbus, D
Glad House
23.01.2021 20:00 with Vesna Pisarovic Petit Standard Leer, D
Jazz im Speicher
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Gotenstrasse 3
D - 10829 Berlin