Philipp Gerschlauer (alto saxophone) Gebhard Ullmann (tenor saxophone)


Twelve + 1 Murals (Between The Lines 2024)


Philipp Gerschlauer (alto saxophone) and Gebhard Ullmann (tenor saxophone) are seated on stage opposite each other and perform as if they were sitting in the middle of the audience. They play, comment, talk to the audience and play again. They look for new forms of expression and build bridges - away from the classic concert formats towards a communicative process in which the audience is involved in the artistic process and integrated into the musical context. Gerschlauer | Ullmann also is an example of a true cross-generational project.

Their music is about blending the sounds of the two saxophones, about long developments with long pauses, also microtonal and with circular breathing. Furthermore, about the exploration of various spontaneous compositional concepts, contrasts, and addition tones that arise in the high registers. To a certain extent, Gerschlauer | Ullmann form a contemplative alternative to the expressionist (improvisation) music of the transition from the 20th to the 21st century.

Date Project Venue info
18.07.2024 20:00 Gerschlauer | Ullmann Berlin, D
14.09.2024 20:00 Gerschlauer | Ullmann Hamburg, D
+49 (0)30 275 963 19
+49 (0)177 234 97 73
Gotenstrasse 3
D - 10829 Berlin